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Our story, our values

Technical excellence and team spirit are the core of our company. How it all began and the values we embody.

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How it all started

Our founders Thomas and Henning began their journey into entrepreneurship during their studies, when they developed a canteen software for the LMGU at a university start-up event. This initiative was the starting signal for makandra GmbH. Since then, we have delighted customers all over the world and built a reputation as a reliable partner for complex web projects and Ruby on Rails.

Focus on code quality right from the start

What has accompanied us from the very beginning is our focus on code quality. In our very first project, we decided to integrate automated tests into the software. We wanted to ensure that the applications we develop run error-free and provide our customers with a reliable solution. We maintain this high standard to this day and are proud to deliver applications with above-average quality and maintainability for all our customers.

makandra and the Ruby on Rails community

With our focus on Ruby on Rails and our expert knowledge, we have made a name for ourselves in the Ruby community. We also work with a fixed technology stack that is regularly evaluated and expanded with new, useful technologies. To ensure that all employees feel at home in this technology stack, we launched our trainee programme in 2012.

As we work a lot with open source programmes ourselves, it is important to us to share our knowledge, code and experience with the public. With our makandra cards, we record our knowledge and pass it on to the Ruby community and beyond.

The success story continues

In the meantime, a team of over 50 software developers, DevOps experts and UI/UX designers has grown. Together, we bring complex web projects from our office in Augsburg's TONI Park to the streets every day. Our goal: to make our customers' lives and work easier with customised software.

What sets us apart
Our values
Our services are at the highest level - both technically and organisationally. To achieve this, we have committed ourselves to certain values. All employees know what we stand for and what it means to be part of the makandra team.
Technical excellence

Outstanding technical results in our projects are our central claim and our self-image. Our customers and employees know that makandra stands for the highest quality - without any technical compromises.


Our communication is always open and honest. We take full responsibility for our tasks and their results. We honour our commitments to customers and colleagues without reservation.

Personal initiative

Whether in customer projects or internal processes: We actively look for opportunities for improvement. We are open to new developments and topics that we drive forward and implement on our own initiative.

Culture of advancement

Personal and professional development at makandra is extremely important to us. We take the time to document and share all our knowledge and experience. We help each other and take responsibility early on.


We promote long-term cooperation that goes beyond purely monetary performance and recognises the full extent of each contribution. In challenging times, we customise working conditions and support the development of our team members. This strengthens mutual trust and the joint achievement of our goals.

We ♡ Augsburg Strong in the Augsburg region

We support the Augsburg nerd, technology and web scene. You can find us regularly at Web&Wine, for example. Good networking with the Augsburg University and College is also important to us.

We ♡ Open Source Open Source projects from makandra

We are an active part of the open source community out of conviction. Besides about 5000 guides and tutorials on makandra cards we maintain popular Ruby libraries like active_type, Spreewald, and Consul. With Unpoly, we have published a framework with which you can significantly improve the operation and speed of server-side applications without having to rebuild the frontend into a single page application.