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Ruby on Rails agencyfrom Germany: We have been developing web applications exclusively on the basis of Ruby on Rails for more than 15 years. This focus as a Rails agency on a single technology has made us absolute RoR experts.

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Ruby on Rails specialists

With the experience of over 200 successful projects, we help our customers with their Rails applications. We are the creators of Rails LTS and makandra cards and are an active part of the Ruby on Rails community. Among others, we maintain popular Ruby libraries like active_type, Spreewald, and Consul. If you need support with Ruby on Rails, you've come to the right place.

We develop Rails applications

We build a preliminary version of your application and create a solid code base on which to build. An expandable architecture and a stable test setup will get you through the following years of development. As a full-service agency, we are also pleased to support you with hosting, DevOps and UI/UX design.

Rails modernisation and further training

We teach your team efficient Rails development and test automation, or introduce better development processes. On request, we can review the status and viability of your current architecture and processes and improve them. Is your current Rails project on fire? Bring us in for support.

makandra is the smartest team of Rails developers I've worked with in my career. I was very impressed with how they were able to jump into an old, hairy codebase and immediately start improving our testing and reliability without much management from us. The business benefit we got from this was overwhelming.
Patrick McKenzie Founder of Starfighter and Appointment Reminder
makandra got our product on the road in 8 weeks and helped train our developers. This allowed us to launch months earlier.
Julian Hauck Founder & CTO von Distribusion

Services How we work with Ruby on Rails

  • Architecture
    We have had experience with monolithic applications and microservice architectures in the past and know the advantages and disadvantages of both approaches. For small teams and medium-sized projects, we consider a well-structured monolith to be easier to maintain and operate than a collection of microservices. Large teams and projects have other trade-offs.
  • Databases
    For data storage, we always use relational databases such as PostgreSQL or MySQL, which we operate in fault-tolerant clusters. We know exactly how these systems behave under load. If additional requirements arise for which relational databases are not the right tools, we use other technologies such as Redis or Elasticsearch.
  • Collaboration
    Our developers can always fit into existing processes in your organisation. However, if you don't have a preference, we use our own Kanban-like process. We develop new features in feature branches. Implementations go through a code review before finding their way into the code base.
  • Testing
    We believe 100% in the economic necessity of automated software testing. For full-stack integration tests, we drive a real browser with Capybara and Selenium. For unit tests we use RSpec (Ruby) and Jasmine (JavaScript).
Further services
Modernisation of your Rails application
Is your Rails project in trouble? With an application modernisation from makandra, the maintainability of your Rails application can be significantly improved and the development speed sustainably increased.
Automated tests

We create integration tests in which a simulated browser automatically clicks through your application. This lets you know at the touch of a button whether a new change will affect existing functions.

Refactoring of problematic code

We rework brittle and complex programme parts into readable and maintainable code with associated unit tests.

Review of the development process

We show pragmatic ways in which requirements for your project should be formulated, implemented and tested. This ensures that your development speed remains consistently high in the future.

Simplification of deployment

We automate your deployment so that new versions can be put online at the touch of a button. On request, we can also check your servers for security, performance and availability.

Support of old Rails versions with Rails LTS

We are the creators of Rails LTS, a globally used and popular software that provides security updates for old versions of Rails. If a Rails framework is no longer supported by the community, Rails LTS offers the option of continuing to use the framework safely. This allows you to decide for yourself if and when you want to switch to a new version. Find more information here.

Do you need a Rails agency?

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