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DevOps as a Service

We support development teams with infrastructure and operations expertise.

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Does your development team need DevOps support?

It is unrealistic and uneconomical for developers to also take care of the operation of the applications on the side; outsourcing everything also has disadvantages. We help with DevOps as a Service. We have been developing web applications for over 15 years and our first customer insisted that we also operate the developed application. The topic of operations has been with us ever since.

We are part of your team

We provide expertise on all topics that web-based applications come into contact with. We know in detail how Linux, databases and high availability work. We are experts in security, containers, automation, CI/CD, cloud and Kubernetes. We use this knowledge to support you and work together to ensure relaxed and error-free operation.

This is how we work

Over the years, we have built up a team of experts to support our developers. We now operate over 150 applications with comprehensive responsibility. This includes the operation of application and database servers, domain and e-mail services, backups and monitoring. We place particular emphasis on security and fault tolerance.

Services How we support you with DevOps as a Service

  • Dimensioning the infrastructure
    We support you during the planning phase and help you to make all the important decisions regarding the setup.
  • Support with the technology decision
    Depending on your wishes and project requirements, the application can run on classic VMs, be operated with Kubernetes or use a specific service from a cloud vendor such as Amazon's "Elastic Container Service".
  • Building the infrastructure with Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC)
    We have already built several applications with IaC (with Puppet, Ansible, Terraform, Cloudformation, etc.). The systems are given a standardised, reproducible configuration, making them easy to maintain.
  • Automatic deployment
    There are many ways to automatically copy and roll out code to application servers. We work with Capistrano, CI pipelines with GitLab or GitHub actions, with classic application layouts or containerised infrastructure. We help you find the right solution for you.
  • Debugging
    Thanks to our understanding of the application and the underlying infrastructure, we can help quickly and effectively with problems in productive operation.
  • Monitoring
    We offer comprehensive infrastructure monitoring. This not only includes monitoring RAM or CPU, but we also ensure that the software stack really works. We keep an eye on everything, from the load balancer to the database. We provide early alerts before SSL certificates expire and check asynchronous job queue systems. We react quickly in an emergency and know exactly where we need to intervene.
  • Backups
    Mistakes happen. That's why we create backup concepts together with the developers and implement them for all data storage systems and plan with you how often backups are created, how we avoid locks or performance problems during creation and where the data is stored securely.

Customer testimonials

After the successful completion of the migration project, we can say that it was absolutely the right decision to work with makandra. The project was implemented perfectly and everything went smoothly. We look forward to working together in the future!
Jussi Räisänen Managing Director H2 Preventive Health Solutions Ltd.
We would definitely recommend makandra. They supported us in setting up a completely new platform and their experience contributed significantly to the good progress of the project.
Sebastian Titze CTO Corify Ltd.

DevOps-Experts Experience in complex cases

  • Experience
    Even when things get more complicated, we support you with our experience from 12 years of operations work.
  • Load tests
    We plan load tests for larger web projects before they go live and benefit from our experience from many projects. We keep an eye on which routes are called up by visitors, at what frequency and how the visitor flows are distributed. We keep a close eye on the target systems and can draw the right conclusions. So you can go live with a good feeling.
  • Security
    Together with your developers, we define necessary and feasible defence mechanisms to avoid security incidents. For example, we use rate limits on certain routes, web application firewalls (WAF), reverse proxies and CDNs. With patch management and regular updates, we ensure that the components used are up to date.
  • Experience with audits
    Whether security audits or penetration tests: we have experience in preparing the documents, securing the systems and supervising the audits. For example, we ourselves have been TISAX-certified for a long time.

DevOps as a Service Frequently asked questions

DevOps as a Service is a model in which DevOps tools and practices are offered as a service. For example, the external DevOps team sets up your infrastructure to improve collaboration between developers and IT operations, enabling faster and more reliable software deployments.

This includes the automation, integration and management of software development and IT operations processes.

DevOps as a Service offers numerous advantages. Automated processes enable faster and more frequent releases and increase the quality and security of your applications. Errors are detected and rectified at an early stage thanks to continuous integration and testing. DevOps as a Service also improves the scalability of your application.

DevOps as a Service is suitable for companies of all sizes that want to optimize their software development and IT operating processes. It is particularly beneficial for companies that require frequent releases and updates or are looking for high scalability and flexibility of their IT resources.

If you need DevOps support, get in touch with us and we will clarify your needs together. We will analyze your company's current processes and create a plan that takes your company's specific requirements into account.

We suggest tools and platforms and then take care of the implementation and integration of the tools into the existing infrastructure.

At the end of the process, a good handover is important to us, with training for the teams taking over the process and the handover of high-quality documentation. 

We can take over the monitoring and optimization for you, or we can hand over to your team, which takes care of the continuous monitoring and optimization of the DevOps processes. 

DevOps as a Service integrates security practices into the entire development and operations cycle. This includes:

  • Automated security scans: Regularly checking code and infrastructures.
  • Compliance monitoring: Ensuring that all processes comply with legal and industry-specific regulations.
  • Continuous monitoring: Real-time monitoring of systems to quickly detect and resolve security incidents.

Contact us Interested in DevOps as a Service?

Get in touch with us. We would be happy to talk to you about your challenges and how we can support you with DevOps as a Service.