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makandra academy

Customized trainings for web development, Ruby on Rails and DevOps

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Training courses from makandra Tailor-made, from tried-and-tested experts

Straight from the field, by professionals

For over 15 years, we at makandra have dedicated ourselves to the design, development and operation of sophisticated web applications with a team of over 60 people. We are web experts and after more than 50,000 project days in which we have built, optimized or operated web applications at various stages, we have in-depth expertise and numerous best practices that we would like to pass on.

Tailor-made training in an atmosphere of trust

Standardized procedures sometimes reach their limits when it comes to training. Every challenge is different and benefits from an individual approach. That's why all our training courses are individually tailored to the needs of the participants. We therefore do not offer open training sessions, but create an atmosphere of trust between you and us only.

The trainings

All training courses are put together individually and adapted to the needs and requirements of the teams. We will be happy to advise you on the composition and create a workshop curriculum for you on request. Choose from the possible training contents and decide, where you and your team need support.

We received an intensive, three-day training on Kubernetes from the DevOps team at makandra. makandra responded individually to our challenges and the level of knowledge of our team. I can absolutely recommend the training courses.
Simon Scherer Managing Director Alamos

Course of the trainings

  • Get out of your own office and everyday working life - this allows you to concentrate fully on the training content, which is why we would like to invite you to join us. 
  • We start at 09:30 with a tea or espresso and a small snack.
  • At 12:00 we eat together in our canteen, then we continue.
  • The training days are exhausting, so we don't do 8 hours of frontal teaching. We finish at 4 pm.
  • There are always two trainers at your side: this means that nobody is left behind, every exercise can be carried out and questions in between don't hold you up.
  • After the training: We are also available to you as a point of contact after the training.

Tailor-made training What sets our training courses apart

Training in a small group

The training courses are designed for a group of 4-8 participants. If the number is different, please contact us.

Training with us in Augsburg

We would be happy to invite you to our premises. If you wish, we can come to you and hold the training in-house. We will find the best time together and agree the training days.

Training duration tailored to you

We work together to determine a time frame: two, three or four days? In one go or with breaks for practicing? We will adapt to you and help you find the best mode.

Flexible training content

We determine the content together: what do you want to focus on? Strengthening basic knowledge of some modules or a deep dive into selected aspects of an existing application? You don't know exactly? No problem, we'll find out with you.

Training materials and certificate

We make sure that you have everything you need during the training. At the end, your team members will receive a certificate of participation.

Still have questions?

Larger group? Special requirements? Questions about the topics? Let's talk!