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UI/UX Design by makandra

A fantastic experience - through design. Through research. By understanding the problem. Our UI and UX team ensures that your target group has the best possible experience with your digital product.

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This is how we work Our UI/UX design process

Analysis & research

In our UX process, we analyse your product, the target group, the context of use and all other framework conditions. If necessary, we determine personas and use cases in order to create a sound data basis for initial requirements and wireframes.

Methods: Design brief, customised workshop formats, user research

Concept and first visuals

In the development and design phase, we develop initial ideas and solutions. The aim is to obtain and evaluate concrete visualisations. We create simple scribbles and wireframes. In a subsequent iterative process, we create a shared idea and understanding of the structure and concept of the final product.
Methods: Low- & mid-fi wireframe, design retro workshops, user testing

User interface design

After extensive user testing of all wireframes and validation of the concepts, the next step is realisation. In the user interface, the concept is realised and visualised step by step and coordinated with customers and developers in short iterations. For complex and long-term projects, we develop a design system for your digital product.
Methods: Hi-fidelity designs in Figma, design systems, user testing

Services What we can offer - UX design

  • Consultancy and analysis
    We support you with a UX audit, web analytics and a benchmark check. We use tools such as Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics or Matomo to filter out potential in your existing website and compare you with your competitors.
  • UX strategy & user research
    We identify the needs and behaviour of your target group as well as the various usage scenarios through interviews and surveys as well as user journey maps and empathy mapping, giving you a clear picture of your current and potential target group and opening up completely new perspectives.
  • Information architecture
    With the help of coherent site maps and a comprehensible navigation concept, we create the basic structure of your digital presence. The aim is to use suitable methods, such as card sorting, to structure complex information in such a way that content can be found more quickly and intuitively. The use of user flows and wireframes helps to visualise the first drafts.
  • Prototyping & usability testing
    The development of a low-fidelity prototype allows visualisation and iterative optimisation of the information architecture and content design. During the usability tests, potential users work on specific tasks. We use the resulting feedback for further improvement possibilities.

Services What we can offer - UI design

  • User interface design
    We create detailed visual design mockups and prototypes from your ideas, wireframes and existing style guides. This shows how the final page will feel and behave. The design of the pages is developed in an iterative and agile process.
  • Accessibility
    It is particularly important to design your digital services and products to be barrier-free so that they are accessible to all users, regardless of the devices and platforms used.
  • Design systems
    We work with the principles of atomic design, in which all elements used are broken down to the smallest unit such as font or HTML tag and stored. This modular approach increases the consistency, flexibility and speed of design development.
  • Design system consulting
    Have you never worked with design systems before and need a professional partner to advise you?
  • Prototyping
    The high-fidelity prototypes we often work with in the later phases are highly functional and interactive. They are very well suited for final usability tests.
  • Icon design
    Customised icons enhance the aesthetics of the user interface and also contribute to better usability. They also increase the recognition value.
In this project, we developed our own design system together with makandra. The UI/UX team did a fantastic job there.
Michael Woywode Key-Account-Management at GREENZERO


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