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A CMS for corporate communication

Together with editors and marketing experts, we have developed a CMS exclusively for the requirements of modern corporate communication.

Audi MediaCenter
Features for modern corporate communication

The CMS offers a compact and clearly organized list of modules specifically for corporate websites and media/newsrooms. All features were developed with experts in corporate communications.

High usability and flexibility

When the CMS was created, a very high focus was placed on the clarity and user-friendliness of the system. It can be operated intuitively and at the same time it is designed in such a way that any desired feature can be integrated into the system in a customized manner, making it very flexible and customizable.

A highly experienced team as a partner

We are a team of 60 experts and have been working in the field of complex CMS for corporate communications for more than 10 years. In addition to designing and implementing systems, we also take care of the development and management of your corporate websites/media sites.

For 10 years now, makandra has been a proven and reliable partner for us when it comes to the Audi MediaCenter. The agency's experience in developing solutions and the flexibility of its team are particularly important to us.
BENJAMIN HERBERT IT Specialist Owned Channels for AUDI AG Communication

Advantages of our CMS for corporate websites and media/newsrooms

Modern design system

Our UI/UX experts ensure that your websites have the right look and feel. We are highly experienced in developing modern design systems that you can use not only for your websites.

SEO/performance optimization

The CMS comes with extensive SEO and performance optimization. We support you with regular KPI reports, for example on the core web vitals of your platforms.

Maximum security for your data

If you wish, we can operate your CMS instance on our servers in Germany. We develop and customize your CMS in accordance with the latest security standards.

Simple connection

All the important modules in one system, flexibly expandable with connections to third-party systems or by migrating legacy systems.

Lean and cost-efficient

Tailored to your needs: no monthly subscription costs for features you don't need. We build you a customized solution.

Availability and support

Fast and personal support for support cases and feature requests. If you wish, we can also take care of the strategic development of your platforms and editorial activities.


We do not have a strictly standardized process for introducing CMS to new customers. Each introduction is different and is based on the individual requirements of the customer. In principle, we start many CMS projects with workshops in which we try to understand as best as possible and in detail what goals the respective platforms are pursuing, which target groups they are addressing and what other requirements we can derive. From this, we develop the first wireframes of the future platforms and a list of requirements for the design of the CMS. We then start to adapt the CMS to the respective needs and develop a suitable design system. In addition, we deal with the migration of the content to be transferred to the new system at an early stage.
We place great value on a very close and transparent way of working. Our software developers are always available to discuss technical aspects directly with you. We work in an agile way and show you the current status and finished features several times a week. This way, you always have an overview of the current status of the project. 
We do not outsource or offshore. Our entire team is based in Augsburg. We also come to our customers' premises for individual workshops or interim presentations. 
We have a dedicated team for the conception and development of successful corporate websites and media sites. In addition to best practices that we have gained in over 10 years of project experience, we also use web analytics and qualitative methods to design your website. 

We also provide ongoing editorial support for our customers. The exact scope of the activities is based on your individual needs.

The price for the CMS is made up of one-time setup costs and ongoing operating costs. The one-time costs depend on the scope of the services required (concept, design, feature diversity). The ongoing operating costs depend on the required hosting setup and the costs for the technical management of the CMS. 
We would be happy to show you. Contact us and we will give you a short demo of what our CMS looks like and what possibilities it offers you.