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Verkehrswacht Digital transformation

Complex processes, easily digitalized


Deutsche Verkehrswacht e.V. is a club of over 60.000 volunteers dedicated to traffic safety training in Germany. It organizes and funds over 600 city- and state-level departments.

Requesting and receiving funds is a process that follows strict rules and formalities. While an application software was already in use, small departments failed to use it and preferred using paper forms via regular mail – which caused handling to be unnecessarily slow.

A new application was put in place to be used by all participants, on city level, state level, and national level. It supports users both when requesting funds for their safety trainings as well as clerks when auditing. In the end, requests are more well-formed and processed more efficiently.

Screen designs Insights into the project

An appli­ca­tion for both reg­u­lar users and power users

Complex forms and tasks are covered efficiently and represented well: starting with the request created by city departments, following auditing up until approval and final billing. Approved funding is automatically handed to accounting and reaches the departments that need them more quickly.

The application helps out inexperienced users with description texts and by leading them through complex forms step by step. By sanity-checking user input, it prevents users from submitting invalid or incomplete requests which in the end would need to be handed back or declined entirely.
Experienced users may handle complex forms directly and process tasks more quickly and efficiently. Faster handling benefits all users.

Each inquiry or bill in the application is versioned automatically and stores its previous form data. If they need to, users can easily access previous record states at any point.

Mak­ing use of dig­i­tal data

While the client wanted to improve and digitalize their processes, they also wanted to benefit from the data being managed by the application.

An extensive reporting section displays a variety of KPIs clearly to reveal trends and performance. The application supports in budget management to help with planning and distributing funds across all departments.

From start to fin­ish in five months

Starting at the end of May 2017, the requirements document was split into user stories that could be scheduled and worked off by developers. After only 5 months all requirements were fully implemented and the application was handed over to the client at the end of October 2017.

Data from the legacy application was automatically migrated into the new application, allowing a timely release.

Hosted on makan­dra's high-avail­abil­ity intrastructure

Availability and safety of all data was a major requirement for the client. The entire environment is running on makandra's high-availability infrastructure in a data center in Germany. By consistently configuring all components for redundance, we ensure data is safe and that the application is always available.

We really needed a new and inno­v­a­tive soft­ware to deal with our com­plex processes. We are very happy to be now using a mod­ern, and future-proof web-based application!
Daniel Schüle Managing Director Deutsche Verkehrswacht e.V.

Project scope Our ser­vices for Deutsche Verkehr­swacht e.V.

Digital transformation
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