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Audi MediaCenter

Digital communication center with comprehensive media content


A long-term partnership

The Audi MediaCenter is the main press hub for Audi's communications. The portal offers bloggers, journalists and other online multipliers an easy way to research press releases, press kits, photos, video material and other content.

The initial development of the Audi MediaCenter began at the end of 2014. makandra was responsible for both the development of the application and the implementation of the platform's design. Thanks to the commitment of the project team, a completely new platform was created on time by June 2015, including the migration of all existing data and the connection of third-party systems. All in compliance with the strict requirements of AUDI AG's IT guidelines, of course.

makandra has been a proven and reliable partner for us for 10 years now when it comes to the Audi MediaCenter. The agency's experience in development solutions and the team's flexibility are particularly important to us.
Benjamin Herbert IT Specialist Owned Channels for AUDI AG communications

Successful relaunch despite tight schedule

The biggest challenges in the project were the tight schedule and the complex requirements of the various stakeholders. In addition, an automated migration of all previous content was carried out.

In terms of hosting, we complied with all the protective measures required by the IT department (TISAX certification) and successfully carried out a penetration test.


Operation and integration of Audi MediaTV

Following the successful launch of the Audi MediaCenter, makandra was commissioned to take over the operation of Audi MediaTV. Audi MediaTV offers videos and live streams on the latest technologies and products from AUDI AG.

Originally an independent platform, Audi MediaTV was seamlessly integrated into the Audi MediaCenter to provide journalists with a central research platform for all types of media.

In the years that followed, further developments were continuously implemented in the Audi MediaCenter, from the connection of further third-party systems to the development of a dedicated video player and the installation of a dedicated search function, the implementation of responsive display options for consumption and emission values and exclusive (login required) areas to the implementation of processes and control options for delivering media contents before the official/public launch of communication campaigns. All regular checks by AUDI AG's IT department were also processed in parallel and all resulting measures were implemented in the shortest possible time.

Relaunch Audi MediaCenter frontend relaunch by makandra

The redesign took place in 2023 - then with a newly commissioned design agency. After a phase of preparation and implementation, the final adjustments of the relaunch were successfully completed and launched in August 2023. The main motivation for the redesign was to update the 2015 design and improve usability.

In addition to implementing a new UI design, we also modernized our technology stack. To do this, we relied more on native browser functionalities to get rid of dependencies on outdated Javascript libraries and thus improve the maintainability of the application. We also installed Unpoly, a JavaScript framework developed by our Head of Development Henning Koch, which ensures that pages feel like single-page applications despite server-side rendering.

The relaunch focussed on redesigning the homepage and the Audi models page. The latter was also completely reorganised functionally in order to make access to information more efficient. During the development and test phase, we gradually converted the front end to the new design in order to effectively overcome the technical challenges. 

When it finally went live, however, the changeover was carried out in one go so that the entire front end was brought up to date at the same time.

In addition to the first-class software development, what stands out positively is that makandra can also react quickly and professionally to all requirements in the provision of operational solutions for hosting and operation.
Benjamin Herbert IT Specialist Owned Channels for Communication at AUDI AG

What’s next

As part of the planned further development work on the Audi MediaCenter, the search function will be optimized in addition to changes to connections to third-party systems and the implementation of legally required adjustments. In this context, AUDI AG continues to rely on makandra's competent and flexible teams of developers, coordinators and operational specialists. 

At makandra, we can look back with pride on the fact that we have been working with Audi since 2014 and thus for a decade. We are grateful for the trust they have placed in us and are constantly working to optimize the projects we have implemented. 

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