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We create your digital product

Product development experts for 15 years: We help you to realise your digital business idea technically.

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From the idea to the product

Do you have a concept for an online service such as Airbnb or Flaschenpost? makandra helps you to realise your business idea with minimal effort. We are fast and prioritise high quality results. So your product comes to life quickly and stays with you for a long time.

Concept phase: Your MVP

We are happy to support you in the conception phase. Together, we define the scope for a minimum viable product (MVP). We process the discussed topics into mockups and create a detailed cost estimate. Based on this, we recommend a project budget. Our UI/UX experts provide support throughout the process.

Transparent costs in product development

Disciplined financial planning is essential for a new product. We will give you a realistic budget recommendation that you can plan with. We will also regularly discuss costs with you during implementation, suggest shortcuts and work towards consistent prioritisation. You can view the services we charge for transparently at any time.

Services This is what we offer

  • Professional planning with maximum flexibility
    The development of an online product with makandra follows a process in which we concretise your idea step by step. You can change course at any time.
  • Open and honest communication
    You are always in the picture, from the planning to the realisation and completion of the product. For us, this is the cornerstone of a trusting collaboration.
  • A streamlined process
    During realisation, we create stories and backlogs for you and then work through them story by story. We are in constant contact with you. We clarify open questions and talk about prioritisation and possible simplifications.
  • Tests and deployment
    We check completed stories together with you on a test system. If they are accepted, they can go live immediately. We complete feature by feature until your application is ready for use.
  • Excellent quality
    We design your product to be robust, secure and of high quality. The result: no bugs and little maintenance, instead a long service life.
  • Your partner from start to finish
    We are happy to support you in the further development of your product - even over many years if you wish. We ensure stable and secure operation and maintain your systems.
makandra GmbH supported us with the relaunch of the Studyflix e-learning platform - it took just under three months from the joint development of the concept to the relaunch of the entire platform. In addition to the rapid realisation, the quality of the work was outstanding and the collaboration was always based on trust.
Reinhard Blech Managing Director Studyflix GmbH
The great thing was that we really had the feeling that this team understood where we wanted to go. They really thought their way into our CI and CD and applied it to this software solution. That's something that I don't take for granted and that I don't know from so many IT companies.
Michael Woywode Director Digital Solutions, Learning & Communication at GREENZERO