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Consultancy for cloud projects

Technical expertise with all leading public cloud infrastructure providers.

Mood Office

Flexible cloud management

We support companies in designing, setting up, migrating and operating applications in cloud environments. We are not tied to individual public cloud providers and can select the best environment for the situation - including private cloud infrastructure or hybrid solutions with the advantages of the respective environment.

Customized cloud solutions

We support small and medium-sized companies as well as corporate groups and have experience with applications of varying complexity. We always work very closely with the respective customers and take individual business strategies as well as organisational and legal aspects into account. In addition to strong technical expertise, our specialists also have many years of experience with cloud projects and their progress and complexity.


As specialists, we know all the technical, operational and legal requirements that you need to fulfill in you cloud project. With over 10 years of experience, we were able to utilise the developments and advantages and disadvantages of the respective platforms at an early stage.


Our aim is to create stable and technically outstanding solutions that provide real added value. We take care of the technical implementation.


Our dedicated operations team operates web applications in our own data centre or with a cloud provider. We are not tied to any provider and select the most suitable environment for our deployments. We always focus on security and fault tolerance.

Project process
There are no standard solutions for cloud projects, as the needs and requirements of every company vary. As a rule, we therefore proceed according to the following steps.
  • Requirements and needs analysis
    We work with you to analyse your motivation for choosing a cloud solution and take a look at your existing IT infrastructure and process landscape.
  • Selecting a cloud solution
    We show you the strengths and weaknesses of each cloud solution and determine the right target architecture and solution for you.
  • Migration planning and implementation
    This is where we determine the best way to migrate your applications and ensure that the full functionality is retained. We create a roadmap and ensure a professional and efficient migration.
  • Operation and optimisation
    We test the functionality of the migrated applications in advance and ensure that they continue to run without errors in the future. We take on operational management tasks as part of your in-house teams. During and often after migration, applications are adapted to the respective environments in order to utilise benefits and save costs.

Examples Successfully impemented cloud projects

  • Analysing existing IT landscapes and developing cloud strategies
  • Consultancy and active technical support in the evaluation of cloud technologies to be used
  • Advice on governance structures, cloud architectures, processes and cloud-specific solutions
  • Realisation of flexible architecture with consideration to code quality, suitable refactoring measures, and continuous improvement to the build and test infrastructure
  • Migration of existing applications to cloud solutions ("Lift and Shift")
  • Concepts for testability, maintainability and scalability of applications in the cloud