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A build­ing cleaner goes digital​

Pura building cleaner

Pura Building Cleaning is a medium-sized, owner-managed company for cleaning services. They are based in Neusäß near Augsburg. Approximately 1400 employees are cleaning hotels, hospitals, and thermal baths in southern Germany.

Proper management and supervision of cleaning services is key for high customer satisfaction and low churn. Pura's property managers act as customer contacts and periodically inspect the quality of services performed. Together with makandra, Pura created a tool that lets property managers service more than 800 properties efficiently.

Screen designs Insights into the project

Record­ing data on the road

During on-site inspections property managers enter all relevant information on their tablet:

  • Overall condition in terms of cleanliness
  • Photos of the property
  • A detailed checklist for evaluation and proof to customers
  • Customer satisfaction, comments and signature

The data recorded on the tablet is stored on a central server and immediately becomes available to Pura's back office within seconds of an on-site inspection. Management has a live overview of the status, satisfaction, and cleanliness of all serviced properties.

With this solution, it is no longer necessary to mail or fax reports to the customer, saving countless hours for Pura.

Faster work­flows, fewer mis­takes, and access from anywhere

The new application actively supports property managers in their daily work:

  • What are the upcoming inspections for which customers? A list for due dates helps the back office schedule resources.
  • The application recommends properties that are close to the user and also have an inspection coming up. This saves fuel consumption and time on the road.
  • The application manages cleaning personnel and tracks working permits and required training courses. Property managers can see at a glance which employees need to keep which appointments.
  • Cleaning tools within the properties are being managed and spare parts are being tracked. Defects from improper use can be prevented through additional training.

Management and back office employees have an up to date overview of all properties. They know the current condition of a site and when it was last inspected. And since the client signs the report directly on the manager's tablet, there is proof of communication with the customer.

With our Pura app, we have a mobile application that perfectly maps our core process – giving us a clear competitive advantage.
Winfried Kern Managing director Pura Gebäudereinigung GmbH

Devel­oped in only two months

The development with Pura passed through the entire software lifecycle: During a two-day workshop with makandra, we discussed technical possibilities and created requirements. Afterwards we designed mockups to illustrate the user interface and workflows. We also prepared a detailed cost estimate.

The following phase of development was successfully concluded within a period of two months. Since then, makandra has been maintaining the application and providing safe and stable operations.

Delib­er­ate deci­sion to not write a native app

The project for Pura was implemented as a web application that can be used on regular office PCs. At the same time the application works on tablets or mobile phones. The responsive design automatically adjusts to the user's screen size.

By not creating a native app for Android or iOS devices, Pura remains independent in their choice of hardware vendors. Moreover, all future software maintenance and development is limited to a single platform. This helps control budgets for development and operations.

Lean dig­i­tal trans­formation

The application we developed has digitalized and mobilized the core business process of Pura Building Cleaning. Management has a live and accurate picture of all properties and customers being serviced. The workflows for on-site inspections have been standardized and organized. Exchanging data while working in the field has become simple and secure.

Project scope Our ser­vices for Pura

Digital transformation
Hosting and administration