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Die Rad­fahrausbildung

The learning platform for children on road safety education


Die Radfahrausbildung provides a learning platform for children to prepare for the practical test and start cycling on the road.

The team of makandra was responsible for the relaunch of the learning platform “Die Radfahrausbildung”. In addition to the redevelopment of the backend, the frontend was also renewed through design implementation. The heart of the platform, the digital learning paths and test sheets, gives children the opportunity to prepare for the theoretical learning test in a playful but effective way. makandra also takes care of the stable operation of the application.

This was not the first pro­ject that we real­ized with makandra. As with all pre­vi­ous pro­jects, the set devel­op­ment goals were achieved even before the release date. Due to a real­is­tic sched­ule and the focused way of work­ing, there was never any time pres­sure or hec­tic. We will con­tinue to work closely with the excel­lent team at makandra in the future.
Simon Wagner Project Manager Deutsche Verkehrswacht

Screen designs A look inside the project

Digitalization Better learning outcomes and inclusion through a digital solution

The aim of the providers was to comply with the strategy of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs (KMK), which focuses on "education in the digital world". The aim is to make the learning process more effective and automated. Immediate feedback guarantees that children can learn independently and takes the pressure off teachers. The learning methods have been chosen to be varied and fun.

Made in Germany Server loca­tion in Ger­many with high data security

The portal for Die Radfahrausbildung is primarily aimed at young people in primary school, so the security of the data managed by the application is essential. The entire system is operated on makandra's highly available infrastructure - located in Germany. The application was deliberately designed to be data-saving and runs without the integration of external services.

Project scope Our ser­vices for Die Rad­fahrausbildung

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