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Siemens SiESTA

A cybersecurity plat­form


Since 2016 makandra has been supporting Siemens in the development of the platform "SiESTA (Siemens Extensible Security Testing Appliance)". With SiESTA, product development departments, as well as network and manufacturing plant operators can examine to what extent their devices and systems are prepared for cyber attacks.

In order to identify existing digital vulnerabilities as early as possible, the team is constantly looking for security gaps in Siemens products and then quickly provides the respective product managers with solutions to close the gaps.

Built-in secu­rity tools detect known and unknown vul­ner­a­bilities

SiESTA is a small metal box with various ports that connect directly to a device, server or server target-network. Once SiESTA has been configured according to the selected protection targets, an automatic test program starts the various security tools. All security tools are integrated under one easy-to-use interface and are updated and customized as required. They allow the identification of vulnerabilities such as Heartbleed, Ghost, WannaCry or NotPetya and many more.

Depending on the scope of the selected test program, SiESTA delivers easy-to-read results after a few minutes or hours with a traffic light scheme. This shows possible security gaps at a glance and illustrates recommended measures for network operators.

makandra man­ages web appli­ca­tion development

In the SiESTA project, makandra's team takes care of the design and implementation of the web interfaces in "Ruby on Rails" with a special focus on security. It also works with the following technologies:

  • Ruby
  • PostgreSQL
  • Linux
  • virtualization solutions (Docker, KVM)
  • Puppet
With makandra we found a highly qual­i­fied team of Ruby-on-Rails devel­op­ers. So far the team has been able to imple­ment all our require­ments in an excel­lent way and thus help us to cre­ate a sta­ble appli­ca­tion. We espe­cially appre­ci­ate the abil­ity to find solu­tions for com­plex prob­lems. Thank you very much for the always very pleas­ant and highly pro­fes­sional coop­eration.
Christoph Fischer Siemens
Christoph Fischer ProductCERT - SiESTA Siemens AG Corporate Technology

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