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Trainee as Full-Stack Web Developer

Our trainee program for aspiring Web Developers aims to compressively impart all practical knowledge necesary to create professional web application within 4-8 months

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Please note: The next slot to start in our Web Development trainee program is available in September 2024.

Video Our trainee program (Video in German)

Technology stack What we will teach you

We teach you everything you need to know as a Full-stack Web Developer to successfully build web applications and work on projects. This includes the following technologies and methods: Ruby, HTML5, Test Driven Development, Software Design, Requirement Engineering, JavaScript, Agile Processes, Git and CSS/Sass.

You work your way through our curriculum independently, but have regular supervision meetings and always have room for questions. Take a look at our trainee program curriculum here.

Your Profile You bring the following qualifications

  • You have a degree or are about to complete a degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, or Business Administration with a focus on Computer Science.
  • You have gained experience in software development - regardless of the programming language.
  • You have fluent German and good English skills.
  • You have browsed through the curriculum of the trainee program and are interested in the topics covered and the technical orientation.
  • You possess the perseverance to successfully complete the challenging (but achievable) trainee program.
  • You are interested in accepting a permanent position as a Web Developer (m/f/d) with us after completing the trainee program.

Working at makandra This is what our trainee program offers

Practice-Oriented Training

Initially, you will practice what you've learned on trial projects. Later, you will independently work on real projects.

Fair Trainee salary

With our trainee program, we sponsor your education because you will not yet be working on our projects at the beginning. To allow you to focus on learning during the trainee program, you will receive a salary of €3000 per month.

Living and Working in Augsburg

Even as a trainee, you will already benefit from our home office policy, but you will still spend most of your time working in our office. Augsburg is a vibrant university city with a great mix of urban life, abundant nature, and reasonable living costs.


At the beginning of the program, you will be assigned an experienced mentor who will accompany, support, and challenge you throughout the curriculum.

Top-notch equipment

We ensure that all workstations are excellently equipped, including ergonomic Vitra office chairs, fast desktop PCs or laptops, and company mobile phones for employees working remotely or on the go.

Well cared for

Our full-time chef prepares 2 - 3 lunch dishes for all employees to choose from every day. Lunch is free of charge for everyone. All diets and allergies are catered for. Coffee, drinks, fruits and snacks are provided.

Smooth onboarding

All beginnings are difficult, which is why your buddy will help you settle into your new role. Monthly team events give us the opportunity to get to know each other outside of work.

Challenging projects

makandra specializes in complex web applications and develops them for various industries. In over 250 projects since 2009, we have created stable solutions for startups, medium-sized companies, and large corporations.

After the trainee programm

...other benefits await you, such as a large training budget, the opportunity to work abroad and a profit-sharing scheme at the end of the year. Even when the trainee program is complete, we will continue to ensure that you can develop professionally and in terms of salary.

This is how we work

Our test-driven development process and close coordination with our clients ensure that our projects progress smoothly. Our daily development routine is characterized by a focus on log-term maintainability and the careful evolution of our technical standards.

Open Source and Knowledge Management

We operate on Linux and utilize open-source programs. Therefore, we share out knowledge and code with community. Our knowledge platform, makandra cards, is used worldwide by developers to support their work.

FAQs for the Web Development Trainee Program

Yes, the trainee program can be combined with a bachelor's or master's thesis. After the initial weeks of training, we will work together with you to find an exciting topic within our technological cope and coordinate collaboration with your university. Since its foundation, makandra GmbH has closely collaborated with universities. Many employees have started their careers with a successful thesis at our company.

The duration of the trainee program depends on your learning speed and prior knowledge. We will evaluate your progress together and adjust the timeframe if necessary. Depending of your level of knowledge, the program typically lasts 4-8 months in most cases. 

The aim of the trainee program is to train you to become a Full-Stack Web Developer in a few months. We cannot teach you the basics of software development and therefore require profound programming skills and IT understanding. The program is therefore not suitable for career changers or those from unrelated fields.

We do not require you to have deep knowledge of web development beforehand. However, it is beneficial if you have some initial experience and, above all, can demonstrate why you want to work in web development.

No, that is not currently possible. We allow our trainees to work from home one day per week, but we firmly believe that the learning effect and value of the program for both parties are greater when you are sitting with colleagues in the same room.

The trainee program is a very well-structured training program in which you really get to know many aspects of software development as it is practiced.
Colleague from the makandra-team
You really get the knowledge that you need in practice to be successful in web development later on.
Colleague from the makandra-team
I think it prepares you very well for life as a software developer.
Colleague from the makandra-team