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Kubernetes training for your team

Deepen your knowledge in Kubernetes with us. Tailored training for all levels – customized to your needs.

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Training objective

Do you want to take your Kubernetes knowledge to the next level? We will show you how to handle Kubernetes from a developer's perspective, how to deploy an application in a cluster, and how to set up Kubernetes clusters with all infrastructure components for operation.

Describe your Kubernetes challenge to us, and we will design a customized training program for your team.

About us

Since our founding in 2009, we have successfully completed over 150 projects in web development. Our DevOps team ensures the stable operation of over 100 applications on more than 200 servers and provides consulting in the AWS sector.

Our customer base includes companies from a wide range of industries, from startups and mid-sized businesses to large corporations.

We have been training trainees for 15 years. Most of our technical staff have completed one of our trainee programs. We now share our knowledge and teaching methods through the makandra academy.

What we offer

We offer training for teams of 4-8 people on Kubernetes and DevOps. We tailor the content perfectly to your needs. This way, you can have exactly the learning experience you need to achieve your goals.

Kubernetes course content Topics to choose from

Our training sessions are tailored to your needs. This means you can decide which content your team should focus on. You can pick from the listed modules and topics according to your needs and interests. We will advise you and create a customized training program for you.
  • Why Kubernetes?
  • Basic Functionality (Distributed System)
  • API Server
  • Control Plane and Controllers
  • Namespaces
  • Containers
  • Pods
  • Deployments/StatefulSet/DaemonSet
  • Services
  • How to check why my workloads are not scheduled
  • How to access logs
  • How to create them
  • Advanced Secrets Management (e.g., ExternalSecrets)
  • What is Helm?
  • How to use it and install components with it
  • What is a Repo? What is a Release?
  • Explanation of different services
  • How to use an Ingress Controller
  • What is an Ingress?
  • What are the options and differences?
  • What should I use?
  • When do I need a StatefulSet? When not?
  • Kustomize, Helm, Flux, Prometheus, Grafana, Loki/Elasticsearch, etc.
  • How to scale applications in Kubernetes?
  • How to scale the cluster?
  • What metrics are best for auto-scaling?

Training schedule

Step out of your office and daily routine – this allows full concentration on the training content, so we warmly invite you to join us.

We start at 9:30 AM with tea or espresso and a light snack.

At 12:00 PM, we have lunch together in our canteen, and then we continue with the training.

Training days are intense, so we don’t conduct 8 hours of lecture-style teaching. We finish at 4:00 PM.

You will always have two trainers available: This ensures no one falls behind, every exercise can be completed, and questions in between do not cause delays.

After the Training

We are happy to continue to be available as your point of contact even after the training.

We received an intensive three-day Kubernetes training from the DevOps team at Makandra. Makandra tailored the training to our specific challenges and the knowledge level of our team. I highly recommend their training sessions!
Simon Scherer CEO, Alamos

makandra academy What sets our Kubernetes training apart

Learning in a trustworthy atmosphere

In our trainings, it's just you and us, with no one else present. This allows us to fully address your challenges.

Continuing education in a small group

Our trainings are designed for groups of 4-8 participants. If your group size varies, feel free to contact us.

Training duration tailored to you

We will establish the framework together: two, three, or four days? Consecutively or with breaks for practice? We will adapt to your needs and help you find the best schedule.

Training at our location in Augsburg

Where and when: We warmly invite you to join us. If you prefer, we can come to you and conduct the training in-house. We will work together to find the best timing and arrange the training days.

Flexible training content

We will determine the content together: where are your strengths in Kubernetes, where are the gaps, and what do you need? Not sure? No problem, we will figure it out with you.

Training materials and certificate

We ensure that you have everything you need during the training. At the end, your team members will receive a certificate of participation.

Team makandra Our trainers

Florian Heinle | Operations and DevOps Expert

Florian has been a project manager at makandra for many years, specializing in complex DevOps projects. His expertise spans a variety of projects focused on Kubernetes, containerization, and building robust infrastructure in AWS environments. Florian regularly shares his extensive knowledge at events, including the regional Linux Infotag. In addition to his professional work, he also runs a small Kubernetes cluster privately. Outside of the technical world, he impresses with his skills as a coffee barista.

Andreas Vöst | Operations and DevOps Expert

Andreas is an experienced project manager for complex DevOps projects. In his recent projects, he has focused on building modern infrastructure with IaC (Terraform/Puppet) and setting up CI/CD pipelines. Andreas is an experienced speaker in the field of IaC and shares his knowledge for example in the makandra Full-Stack Hour.

In his private life, he is interested in everything to do with cyber security. To balance this out, he can be found at various concerts.

Ready for the next level?

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