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User Experience

As experts in UX design, we analyze and optimize your target group's experience when interacting with your digital product.

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For a successful approach

The purpose is to guide users to their desired destination as easily, comfortably and quickly as possible. In doing so, it is essential to understand and consider the needs of your target group in addition to your planned product or service. To do this, we use qualitative and quantitative UX methods and derive concrete requirements for the workflows and functionality of your digital product.

Our UX process


Our UX process begins with an analysis and understanding of the product, the target group, the context of use, and all other framework conditions surrounding your digital product. We use structured processes to determine personas and use cases and analyze user journeys. The result shows both your product objectives and comprehensive information on the ideas and needs of your target groups. It forms a sound data basis for initial requirements and wireframes.


The next step is the development and design phase. Here we jointly develop initial ideas and solutions for the concrete design and structure of your digital product. In addition to simple scribbles, we design wireframes and prototypes. The goal is to get and evaluate concrete visualizations at a very early stage. In an iterative process we create a common idea and understanding for the structure and concept of the final product.

User Test

In the final phase, we test these extensively with real users. In various use scenarios, we evaluate whether we meet the previously identified requirements and ideas of the individual target groups. The results and subsequent optimization suggestions are incorporated into wireframes and concepts, so that we can then start with the UI implementation.

Our services in detail

Advisory & analysis

You know and understand your target audience, but have difficulties to present and communicate your product or service in a purposeful way? We support you with an UX audit, web analytics and a benchmark check. After more than 150 successfully implemented web projects, we know all the best practices and are happy to have a critical eye on your website. Using tools such as Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Matomo or other analytics tools, we analyze important information about the behavior of your target audience when interacting with your digital product and find weaknesses in your current presence. We also analyze how you compare to your competitors and identify potential for optimization.

UX strategy & User research

You want to learn more about your target group and have a clear recommendation on how to improve your conversion rates? We provide you with in-depth insights based on proven user research methods. Through interviews and surveys as well as user journey maps, we identify different use scenarios of your products and services and understand the needs and usage contexts of your target group. By developing personas, we give you a clear picture of your current and potential target group.

Information architecture

Based on comprehensive information about the needs of users, your company and all other general parameters, we develop the basic structure of your digital presence. We create a compelling sitemap and a comprehensible navigation concept. We also make suggestions for the page structure and the arrangement and positioning of content. The goal is to ensure that even complex information is structured in such a way that users can quickly find the content they are looking for. User flows and wireframes help us visualize the first drafts.

Prototyping & Usability testing

With the help of sketches and wireframes, we develop Lo-Fi prototypes that allow us to visualize and iteratively optimize the information architecture and content design. We use them for usability tests in which we let potential users work on concrete tasks in test situations that are as real as possible. We take the feedback from the tests and use it for further improvements.

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