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User Interface Design

Our UI team focuses on the visual realization of all the elements your users face as they interact with your product.

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The basics for optimal usability

In web design, it is mainly about the visual appearance of your website or online application. We create all components of the graphical user interface such as icons, logos and images, navigation and all other buttons and layouts.

UI in the design process

In UX, we try to identify and optimize the user's intention and need. Users should therefore have the best possible experience with your digital product. However, while in UX we stop with a usage concept and initial scribbles and wireframes, in UI we now get down to the nitty-gritty. The UX concept is visualized step by step. Iterations still take place - although at a much higher level of detail than in UX.


Brand audit, visual research


Scribbles, moodboards


Screen design, high-fidelity prototypes


Style guide, UI kit

Our services in detail

User interface desgin

We design impressive and intuitive digital user interfaces and interaction processes. With great attention to detail, we consider your ideas, concepts, wireframes and existing style guides and create detailed visual design mockups and prototypes that show how the final site will feel and behave. In doing so, we maintain an iterative, agile process and work with you to progress to the final design of the pages.


We pay particular attention to ensure that your digital services and products are accessible to all users, and as a matter of principle we design all design systems to be barrier-free. This guarantees that the accessibility of websites, user interfaces, navigations and all other areas is independent of the user's end device and platform. An intuitive usage concept must be available to all users at all times.

Design systems

When implementing designs, we work with design systems. These are a kind of digital construction kit that contains all the elements we use in the design process. In addition to basic design principles and intentions, these are, for example, reusable styles & colors, fonts, modules or templates. Following the principles of Atomic Design, all elements used in the design process are broken down to the smallest unit such as font or HTML tag and archived. The modular approach of the systems increases the consistency, flexibility and speed of current and future projects.


In contrast to so-called low-fidelity prototypes, which we use in the UX process and which are usually rather simple rough sketches, in the UI phase we work with high-fidelity prototypes. These are highly functional and interactive. They are very close to the final product, as most of the required design assets and components are developed and integrated. We often use high-fidelity prototypes in later phases to perform a final review of the requirements. They are very effective for final usability testing.

Icon design

We design custom icons, specifically tailored to your user interface. Custom icons not only enhance the aesthetics of the user interface, but also contribute to better usability by providing meaningful metaphors. We define the design guidelines for your icons, taking into account the visual identity of the user interface, thus increasing the recognition factor.

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